More clowns in the system, now in Bulgaria

After Ukraine already inherited corrupt clown Volodymyr Zelensky, now Bulgaria followed the hype. ITN leader and cable television presenter Slavi Trifonov from Bulgaria won the elections to destabilize yet another Slavic nation. While corrupt clown Volodymyr Zelesnsky promised to end the conflict with Russia and wipe all corruption, he just continues the same bullshit so many Ukrainians became tired of. Zelensky keeps promising Ukraine's military and western 'sanctions' will defeat Russia and return the Crimea and Donbas with ease, while he will erase all corruption and oligarchy, although he knows that at least Crimea is lost forever and he did not decrease but increase corruption and oligarchy in Ukraine since he took office. Any suggestions to surrender the russified Crimea will be denounced as unpatriotic and treason, making a peace simply impossible. In Bulgaria, Slavi Tifonov, an oligarch himself, promised to stop all oligarchy and corruption. It simply isn't getting any better in the East...


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