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Ukraine adventure could ruin us

      The Empire's Ukraine adventure could ruin us and make many Ukrainian oligarchs richer.      Since 'president' Zelensky categorically rejects territorial concessions to Ukraine's former ally Russia, the war could continue forever. Ukraine could become a bottomless financial black hole. We would face default in the long run, while Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs survive.         The Pentagon's strategy is problematic. Any money given must be tied to reforms, possible (realistic) territorial concessions, and a final political solution. Also we should be able to verify where the cash ends up.         Let's hope the US will further focus on a military alliance with Sweden and Finland, similar to the defense pact with Australia and New Zealand (ANZUS). This is most important for the Empire's stability. NATO failed in both Ukraine and Scandinavia and became almost useless.        

How can Turkey be in NATO?

     So it's official. The Turkish islamists blocked Sweden and Finland from joining NATO.      Turkey?...      On July 20, 1974 Turkey ordered its military to invade the Republic of Cyprus with the illegal use of U.S.-supplied arms and equipment, which violated the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.         The invasion also violated the Treaty of Establishment, the Treaty of Alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty, and the Treaty of Guarantee, which established the Republic of Cyprus and guaranteed the independence of the Republic of Cyprus; the United Nations Charter, and international law.      Turkey occupied about four percent of Cyprus during the initial phase of its invasion. Furthermore, on August 14, 1974, three weeks after the legitimate government of Cyprus was restored, Turkey launched the second phase of its invasion of Cyprus, occupying 37 percent of Cyprus’s sovereign territory, killing innocent civilians, including POWs; forcing 170,000 Greek Cypriots fro

Biden's racist ranting continues

     After a mentally ill guy gunned down a few people in a supermarked in New York, Biden is losing himself in racist rantings against White people.      Biden, Pelosi and the rest of the leftist gang continue the oppression of White people in their paranoid universe. They try to enslave and humiliate White folks, try to break their pride and self-confidence.       The past was evil, globally. No race is exempt from its evil past. We won't pay the bill for our past, since all the others don't pay theirs either.        Racism against Whites is getting a genocidal agonizing character.      Nobody defends murderers, but that should include Latino drugs killers and 'gangstas'. Their crimes against Whites are hate-crimes. The same goes for islamistic rapists.        Violence as a whole must be banned, in particular sexual violence against women.      And finally, it was mainly Whites dying on the battlefields during WWII, liberating the world from the Nazis.    

Finland ready to join Nato

       To make the Empire's borders safer, after the loss of Ukraine, the Finnish government decided that Finland must join Nato.       It is expected that Finland will sign an official application in the coming days. Sweden may also follow Finland into Nato.

Danish, Ukrainian foreign ministers visit Irpin

      Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod and his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba visited the town of Irpin in the Kyiv region where the Russian army committed atrocities.       According to Ukrinform, Kuleba said this on Twitter.        "We started Jeppe Kofod's trip to Ukraine with visiting Irpin. Russian army committed unspeakable atrocities here and in other towns of the Kyiv region. My Danish friend could see it all with his own eyes. We are both committed to bringing those responsible to justice," Kuleba wrote.        Kofod, in turn, tweeted: "Horrible to witness the destructions here in the suburbs of Kyiv. Denmark firmly supports the work to investigate and prosecute those responsible of these attacks."       Earlier, Kofod raised the flag at the Danish embassy that resumed its operations in the Ukrainian capital.