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Are COVID-19 vaccines useless to fight 'Delta'?

Recent data shows that the COVID-19 vaccines are totally useless to stop the spread of 'Delta', a COVID-19 mutation that originated from India. It seems that vaccinated people still pose a threat since they can transmit the disease and therefore wearing masks should still be obligatory for all citizens - vaccinated or not. Even worse, Delta can jump forth and back from animals. Tigers, dogs, cats and birds have already been infected. Two tigers died recently in India after they got infected with COVID-19. So, vaccination is not the answer. It may help a small group of people who are in danger of developing lethal symptoms, but the majority has no advantage at all. In the United States about 70% of all adults got vaccinated, yet the disease keeps spreading. Now the blame goes to the ones refusing the vaccines, yet mathematically this is utter nonsense and simply impossible with 70% being 'immune'. It appears we cannot stop COVID-19 by vaccinating all people

Zelensky says Ukraine will return the Crimea

Ukrainian clown and president Volodymyr Zelensky stated repeatedly that Ukraine will return the Crimea, which is now part of the Russian Federation after Moscow annexed the peninsula seven years ago. It is debatable how legal this annexation was, but undebatable is the fact that there is no way for Ukraine to change its status back to 2013. The peninsula is lost forever for Ukraine. Ukraine will never win a war against Russia, and Nato will never start one over Crimea. Sanctions won't change anything either. And even in case the Russian Federation would fall apart, currently more than 80% of the Crimea's residents are Russians, who won't be eager to be part of Ukraine and may riot or start a civil war. So why won't Ukraine accept reality and use Crimea as a bargaining chip to restore control over the occupied Donbas in Eastern Ukraine? This may bring peace to the region and restore relations with Moscow, although never like before, since Ukraine's move to