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EU rats continue refugee terror

The filthy EU rats continue shipping so-called refugees from North Africa to Europe. Macron said in Italy he wants an 'automated mechanism' to distribute refugees to all European countries. It would be better if the cockroaches who pick up 'refugees' off North Africa's coast bring them back to where they came from, or alternatively dump them in their own countries instead of pushing them on others who don't want to have them. Europe is currently facing a 'forced' islamization, ingeneered by Germany, France and Italy. It is time for the Christian world to stand up to the infidel traiterous rats who want to ruin the civilized world, and kick them in the teeth. Sweden was already downgraded to shithole ranking concerning quality of life, thanks to the trash that was dumped there by the ruling Social Democrats. Let's hope Europe's enemies from within will finally meet some steel...   © 2019 The Imperial Defender

1.500 people missing after 'Dorian' leveled the Bahamas

The number of missing people on the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian has climbed significantly, to 1,300, providing more bad news in one of the nastiest storms the archipelago has ever faced. Dorian flattened homes after it made landfall September 1, killing at least 50 people, officials said. The death toll is expected to go up as search and rescue crews scour the ruins in Grand Bahama and Abaco islands. National Emergency Management Agency spokesman Carl Smith has urged people to continue submitting the names of missing persons through a hotline or visiting the social services office, which is handling the missing people register. "As we are able to cross-reference our data sets, we will be able to inform family members and reunite survivors with loved ones," he said. The hurricane tore through the islands at Category 5 strength, making it the strongest storm ever to make landfall in the Bahamas. The first sweep this week of hard-hit northern islands -- where some 70,0

North Korea claims it wants peace talks, then fires missiles towards Japan

North Korea fired two projectiles into the sea on Tuesday, South Korea’s military reported, just hours after the country said it was open to resuming talks about its nuclear program with the United States should the Trump administration bring new proposals to the table. The twin launches were conducted from a province north of the country’s capital, Pyongyang, and the projectiles flew about 205 miles, The Associated Press reported. It was the eighth test of a ballistic missile or unidentified projectile since July and comes as diplomatic talks between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump have largely stalled. On Monday, North Korea said it was willing to restart those discussions after the two leaders met at the Demilitarized Zone in June and signaled that they were willing to do just that. But the North’s Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui released a terse statement this week saying that the U.S needed to come to the bargaining table with new proposals to

Brazil and six other South American countries sign Amazon pact

Leaders and representatives of Brazil and six other Amazon countries signed a pact on Friday to protect the world's largest tropical rainforest. The "Leticia Amazon Pact" came as raging fires have burned thousands of hectares of the forest. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro participated by video link, while his foreign minister attended in person. Further the presidents of Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, as well as Suriname's vice president and Guyana's natural resource minister attended the summit during which the pact was signed. The signatory countries announced that they will look for strategies and act to battle logging and forest fires, which are contaminating the "lungs of the world." The Amazon has more than 50 percent of the tropical forests in the world. During the opening of the summit, Colombian President Ivan Duque made an appeal to protect the rainforest. Duque said that it was necessary to establish an "immediate coordination

Hurricane Dorian soon to hit Florida

Hurricane Dorian will soon hit Florida's coast. Currently the hurricane is about to level parts of the Bahamas, where it reached wind speeds of about 175 mph. The National Hurricane Center in Miami is not sure yet how strong the impact on Florida will be, but recommends locals to prepare for the worst. President Trump canceled his trip to Poland because he fears for his golf course in Florida... © 2019 The Imperial Defender