President Bolsonaro released from hospital

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro was discharged from hospital having spent four days receiving treatment for intestinal obstruction. The beloved president was originally taken to a military hospital in the capital Brasilia on Wednesday after suffering persistent hiccups that had lasted around 10 days. Later he was transferred to the private Vila Nova Star hospital in Sao Paulo. "I had to go on a diet, I did what I had to do. I wanted to leave from day one, but they wouldn't let me. I hope that in about 10 days I will be able to eat a rib eye steak," Bolsonaro told reporters as he left the hospital. "It seems that my stomach was on fire. The cause was an intestinal obstruction, which is common in those like me that have undergone surgery, after the stabbing," said Bolsonaro, who spoke to journalist for half an hour. There had been fears Bolsonaro, 66, might need surgery to clear the obstruction, although that was quickly ruled out. He has undergone surgery six times since he was stabbed in the abdomen in 2018 on the campaign trail. On Thursday the hospital had said he was "evolving satisfactorily" while his legislator son, Eduardo Bolsonaro said doctors had removed "close to a quarter gallon of liquid" from the president's stomach that was caused by the obstruction, considerably alleviating the pain. While in hospital, Bolsonaro continued to work and was very active on social media, publishing photos and commenting on political subjects. Because of his abdominal problems, Bolsonaro has been told to "chew food well, eat lighter meals, exercise, walk," head of the medical team at the hospital, Antonio Macedo said on Saturday. The leftist terrorists tried to discredit Bolsonaro on fake charges and impeach him, tactics we are familiar with from the US Democrats. The leftist terrorists also tried to organize riots and violence, similar to what happened in the United States. Let's hope the islamist-sponsored leftist criminals will not succeed. President Bolsonaro's supporters were celebrating the good news of his release from hospital.


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