Are COVID-19 vaccines useless to fight 'Delta'?

Recent data shows that the COVID-19 vaccines are totally useless to stop the spread of 'Delta', a COVID-19 mutation that originated from India. It seems that vaccinated people still pose a threat since they can transmit the disease and therefore wearing masks should still be obligatory for all citizens - vaccinated or not. Even worse, Delta can jump forth and back from animals. Tigers, dogs, cats and birds have already been infected. Two tigers died recently in India after they got infected with COVID-19. So, vaccination is not the answer. It may help a small group of people who are in danger of developing lethal symptoms, but the majority has no advantage at all. In the United States about 70% of all adults got vaccinated, yet the disease keeps spreading. Now the blame goes to the ones refusing the vaccines, yet mathematically this is utter nonsense and simply impossible with 70% being 'immune'. It appears we cannot stop COVID-19 by vaccinating all people. It is enough to vaccinate the vurnable, keep wearing masks, follow the hygienic concept, and move on with our lives, since Corona will never go away. BTW, a vaccine lasts only for up to six months. Is it worth it to get vaccinated every six months, until you die, even if you are not in danger to get very sick even without a vacccine? The answer is NO.


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