New nuclear test in North Korea?

Russia, China and Turkey continue to create new conflicts.
The by China and Russia controlled part of Korea has now been pushed to launch another nuclear test. This poses a direct threat to the health of the Korean population in that area.
Meanwhile the Russian invaders continue their terrorism in Ukraine. The Chinese are threatening Taiwan, trying to isolate or even invade the state. Further it is believed that Turkey will continue to block Sweden and Finland from Nato, and organize new terrorist attacks in the West, - as response to the death of the Al Qaeda leader. 
Meanwhile Erdogan and Putin officially confirmed their alliance against the Empire during a meeting in Sochi.
The Israelis killed a Palestinian leader to cause more mayhem in the Middle East.
This mayhem will not stop until a real US leader, - neither Biden nor Trump - will kick Russia, China and Turkey in the teeth so much that they will stay quiet for the next 500 years to come.


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