Ukraine to receive another $1.500.000.000

Ukraine will receive another $1.500.000.000 in financial support. This was agreed on at a donor conference in Denmark, Scandinavia.
This is a significant addition to a $4 billion loan guarantee that the United States had previously given to Ukraine.
“I am grateful to everyone who supported Ukraine in Copenhagen today and I believe that meetings like this one will accelerate our common victory,” Ukraine's president Zelensky stated.
The 26 nations, which included Scandinavia, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, all promised to continue to support Ukraine’s military defense against Russian aggression.
Bødskov, the Danish defense minister, called Thursday’s donor conference the “third phase” of support to Ukraine. The first phase was immediate support at the beginning of the invasion in February when countries inspected their weapon armories. The second phase was coordinated international funding based on Ukraine’s requests, and the current third phase is a long-term plan to continue assistance – which could encourage the weapon industry to produce in larger quantities.
On Wednesday, the Danish Ministry of Defense said that close to 100 million kroner ($14 million) will support a British-led military training project for Ukrainian soldiers. As part of the project, 130 Danish soldiers will train their Ukrainian colleagues on Danish soil.
Norway will also train Ukrainian soldiers in the United Kingdom, Norwegian Minister of Defense Bjørn Arild Gram told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.
“The Ukrainian forces are in dire need of further training and education. Norway is positive about the British initiative to train Ukrainian soldiers in Great Britain. We will come with instructions to do basic soldier training, like several other countries,” he said.
With its the latest donation, Denmark has now contributed close to 4 billion kroner ($555 million) to Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion.


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